Online Strength & Conditioning Programs

Peak Power Golf offers tailored online strength and conditioning programs. These programs offer the opportunity to work closely with Nic utilizing in-depth data, personalized training programs, and one-on-one conversations to optimize your fitness. Reach out if you're interested in learning more about how to work directly with Nic.

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Nic's online program ensures you are able to see your progress from day one. This includes calculating and reporting on what your accumulative loads are, your subjective feedback, fatigued state, exercise prescriptions and notes from your training sessions.

Coaching Catch Up

Coaching catch up are the regular coaching communications to ensure the program's intentions and protocols are understood. This is when the athlete is able to address any issues or concerns they might have or investigate any alternatives in the program that might need to be adjusted.

Annual Plan

A crucial part of the planning process is ensuring that all the programs follow appropriate training phases. An annual plan runs through the major goals of the year, factors in holidays and rest periods and coordinates training efforts to ensure the best results are seen.

Customized Weights

Over the course of a 4 week training mesocycle, the weights in each exercises session are going to change and increase or decrease based on the indented outcomes of that phase. Take a back squat for example, Nic is going to progressively overload week to week to ensure your pushing yourself adequately and appropriately to ensure you adapt to the training stimulus over time. This requires the adjustment of weights to get the most out out of it.

Monthly Training Programs

Training programs are the length of time a training program is used in the annual plan. Training programs are build around the product purchase. The programs are constructed of Macrocycles (Quarters - 3 month blocks), Mesocycles (Months - 4 weeks) and Microcycles (Weeks - 7 day period). Training Programs are build around 3 Mesocycles (3 x 4 week programs) are constructed to suit the athletes training schedule with the intended outcomes in mind. All cycles flow into an annual plan.

Quarterly Performance Review

A performance review is important to ensure that goals are being met and the right direction is being taken to get the best results. This consists of a review phone or Zoom call to review the monthly reports and address any concerns or program considerations that need to administered for the next training phase.

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